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Each of our stores offers a wide range of high quality products for your cat, these include cat food, bedding, collars, toys, chews, grooming products and health products.


Many vets recommend that cats have both wet and dry food in their daily diet; as cats suffer more from dehydration. They also have more complex dietary needs than dogs and a good range of vitamins will encourage healthy growth and longevity. We have a massive selection of both wet and dry cat food, which you can buy in smaller boxed quantities as you would in a super market or in larger money saving wholesale quantities.

You will find cat food from the following popular manufacturers: GoCat, Felix, Whiskers, James Wellbeloved, Burns, Iams and Hills.

We all know a cat loves to play so while you are stocking up on food you can also browse our range of cat toys and accessories, we have things they can scratch, balls to chase, things to hang on and fake mice to pounce on… Whether it’s for an inquisitive kitten or a sleepy old timer; you will find it in our stores.

On the map below you can see your nearest store, why not pop in today and let us help you with all your pet requirements.